The main thing that comes in everyone’s mind when someone mentions fashion designing is glamour. This one industry is one of the most happening industry to be a part of apart from the cinematic industry and both of them are very closely linked. As alluring as it sounds, the job of a fashion designer is no cake walk. Every single day, a fashion designer has to put in so many skills to work to get a job done and most people end up underestimating the entire job. Here is an insight on what actually goes on behind the gorgeous couture brought to you by INSD, Mumbai.

  • Trend research
    Fashion trends come and go away with a blink of an eye. To keep up with the ever changing demands of the industry, they need to be constantly updated with all the current and upcoming trends for their collections.
  • Selecting the perfect material for their collection
    They need to constantly keep visiting manufacturers for the fabrics to be used in their collection. This can be one of the most tedious processes. Each collection is most of the time based on a single type of fabric and finding the right one can take days of visiting numerous places.
  • Travel
    A well-established fashion designer has to deal with not only local clients but also international clients so their job also requires timely travel to various locations. Through these trips they also get updates on the trends running all over the world.
  • The main part – Designing
    Coming up with designs and themes for the collection is by far the longest process. It takes months to come up with something unique that nobody has thought of. Once this part gets sorted out, a specification sheet is drafted for easy functioning with the manufacturer. This sheet consists of basic details like front and back sketches, product description, delivery dates to name a few. Pursuing a fashion designer course in Mumbai, helps a great deal in streamlining the design process that any fashion designer wishes to follow and also helps them to find their own style.
  • Fittings
    Once the collection gets planned out, fittings with the models are important for the show. This is because the collection can be one of a kind but unless people aren’t convinced, it won’t turn into a phenomenon that’ll take the industry by storm.

The job of a fashion designer may often be challenging, but there is hardly ever a boring day in the life of a fashion designer. Interested in being one? There are numerous institutes of fashion designing in Mumbai, the fashion hub of India, with a range of fashion designer courses in offering.