• Interior Design Course
The aim of the course in interior design is to groom design professionals who are able to apply skills in interpreting and developing projects in the different specialist areas of interiors: residential, projects in retail design, public spaces and exhibition design etc.The course provides participants with the technical knowledge and understanding to resolve aspects in the construction of spaces, the methodologies to develop a concept proposal through to its correct representation. The approach in the course is creative, artistic, and intuitive as well as technical in design.

What is the scope of an Interior designer?

The scope of an Interior designer is very wide and interesting. Interior Design means understanding the use of space be it residential or commercial. Smaller the space bigger the challenge. Real Estate prices are spiralling out of control hence every householder would like to use their space efficiently. An Interior designer’s role is vast and challenging. They have to plan residential/commercial complexes use of furniture and fixtures, décor, furnishings, lighting, colour…etc

Interior Design is a unique career because every step in any Industry involves Interior Design. It includes space planning, Design & décor. Playing with shapes be it rectangles, squares, ovals …etc colours (warm, primary..etc) their combinations in the real world, furniture designing and furniture placements, understanding building construction, building materials, residential space, commercial space (Restaurants, schools, colleges, hospitals) the list is unending so are your career options which becomes extremely interesting and very challenging. Insd, Mumbai (Mulund) has created a complete syllabus to meet the dynamic challenge of the Industry.

Our classroom learning combined with Industrial visits and field trips gives a holistic education to a student. This makes the subject very interesting and students get a good understanding of the subject. With the excellent infrastructure and faculty guidance INSD Mulund is the one and only stop for interior design study.

Bachelors Programmes – B.Design – 4 Years & Bachelors – 3 Years


Duration : 3-4 Years
Total Semester : 8


Diploma In Interior Design and Technology


Duration : 1 Year
Total Semester : 2


Advance Diploma In Interior Design and Technology


Duration : 2 Years
Total Semester : 4


Masters in Interior Design and Technology


Duration : 2 Years
Total Semester : 4


Short Term Certificate Course In Interior Design and Technology


Duration : 6 Months


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