If you are a creative person with a flair for designing, if you are someone who seeks glamour, fame and thrill in your professional life, fashion designing may be the right path for you! The fashion industry is bound to give you immense returns, in terms of networks, fame and art. In today’s competitive world, however, it is not just the love for designing clothes or a knack for fashion which can make you a good designer. Successfully establishing yourself as a good designer is more difficult than ever, now that several courses for fashion designing have come up throughout the world. Now, an aspiring designer not only has to have a good hand at simple designing, but also needs to have numerous other skills like knowledge about visual arts and graphic design, softwares like photoshop, good communication skills, etc. The most important thing that you need to possess in the ever-changing world of fashion is proper basic training and trustworthy mentoring. International School of Design, Mumbai Centre is a part of Delhi having a network of fashion design institutes throughout the country. INSD Mumbai brings you four tips for guaranteed success in the fashion industry-

1. Business skills- This is of utmost importance in a field like Fashion Designing, since business is the core of the industry. Budgets, Marketing strategies and Sales are vital for a designer to get their products finished and sold to customers.

2. Networking- The more influential people you meet during your foundation years, the better it will be for you to have an established brand name when the time is right. Meeting the right kind of people through internships, conferences or seminars related to fashion will prove to be extremely fruitful when the time to work comes. Numerous people are bound to want to work with you if you are a known name. This is what will set you apart from the crowd.

3. Work Experience- Though you may not get hired as a designer early on in your career or while you study Fashion Designing, any work related to the job proves to be beneficial. Working under other designers, organizing fashion related events, even inventory work will help you tremendously. Paid or unpaid internships provide you exposure to the industry and will get you recommendations, which will help you land a job.

4. Recognize- The fashion industry is a broad term that includes not only fashion designers, but accessory designers, merchandisers, brand managers, fashion consultants, stylists, journalists and much more. If you recognize what you are good at, early on in your career, it will help you get work experience and exposure in the areas that will help you in the future. Since it is impossible to be everything at once, you need to decide which branch of fashion designing to choose.

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