Are you somebody who feels mesmerized by the branded apparels and luxurious handbags? Do you often find yourself following fashion week to select the next addition to your wardrobe? If you answered YES, then the fashion industry is indeed the one for you.

Now, you must be considering taking up a fashion degree from an institute of fashion designing in Mumbai. But the good news is that the fashion industry today is much more than apparel designing. Plenty of specialization options are available nowadays in the fashion industry to pursue as a career. You can pick any field of specialization from designing and merchandising to photography and PR. Furthermore, you can boost your employability with a retail experience or a fashion internship during your degree.

Here is a list of career opportunities available to you by studying fashion designing:

Fashion Designing Or Apparel Designing

Well, many students who study fashion anticipate serving as a fashion designer in the industry. You can design your own garments and release a clothing line as a fashion designer. Many reputed fashion designing institutes offer graduate programs in Mumbai for fashion designing. You may start your career in the industry as an assistant fashion designer but as you gain more skills you can own a good name in the fashion design business by working as an entrepreneur. You can work with an established firm to gain valuable insights and hands-on experience about the industry.

Even as a fashion designer, you have diverse career options. You can create a high designer or street line of fashion by working within a team, work as a pattern designer in a textile firm, or work as an assistant/lead designer in a fashion house.

Fashion Merchandising

To serve as a fashion merchandiser, you must keep yourself updated with the latest and upcoming fashion trends. Though the profile may sound simple, there are plenty of more aspects to this role. As a fashion buyer, you must purchase on-trend products and apparels that appeal to your customers. Fashion merchandising takes the fashion buying career one step ahead towards a more business-oriented approach. Here, you have to calculate how much your customers will spend and accordingly provide the right products at the right time to the right stores.

Fashion merchandising and fashion buying are key roles in the retail fashion industry sought after by online retailers, retail chain stores, independent fashion shops, departmental stores as well as fashion boutiques.

Fashion Marketing & PR

Fashion marketing & PR departments constantly strive to spread the word about upcoming and latest fashion trends as well as style-setters. Fashion marketing is taught by many best fashion designing institutes in Mumbai as a separate specialization course. It involves building strategies and creating advertising campaigns to sell fashion products to individual consumers and clients. The job role requires you to analyze new trends and determine how a product can be marketable. Furthermore, the job role requires strong communication skills, divination for upcoming trends, and firm knowledge of consumer buying habits.

Fashion Journalism & Publishing

Promoted by the boom in fashion blogging, fashion journalism is incredibly popular among the aspirants in the fashion industry. You can easily find a route to success in the domain by serving as a blogger, magazine journalist, or news reporter. Furthermore, you can write for trade publications, e-commerce websites, PR companies, fashion magazines, and news sites. You can pair your fashion degree with a solid portfolio and strong writing skills to specialize in fashion journalism.

The options in the fashion industry today are just endless. Get more opportunities by studying fashion designing from a good institute in Mumbai.