Being in the latest trend is the primary requirement of today’s world as your fashion statement is the medium that not only enhances your appearance, but also plays a great role to depict your personality as well as your dignity. At the present time, there would be hard to find a single person who is not conscious about his/her own fashion statement. As a result of the growing consciousness of people about the concept of fashion, a sea of opportunity has opened in the way of fashion designing.

If you are looking for developing your career as a fashion designer, it is quite important to have proper knowledge on the matter of the subject. If you are searching for the best Institute for Fashion Designing in Mumbai , you should contact nowhere but International School of Design that is shortly known as INDS. This institute is the very platform where you can develop yourself as an efficient fashion designer. The organized courses entirely help you to step forward toward making your career as a successful fashion designer.

Bachalors Programs (8 semesters)

This course includes ‘B. Design’ course of 4 years and ‘Bachalors’ course of 3 years. Some important practices that you will get to learn in this course are as follows:

  • Introduction of garment construction and pattern making

  • Practical of pattern making and sewing

  • Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology (2 semesters)

    In this 1-year diploma course you will get to learn

    • Essentials of design

    • Application of stitching method

    • Basic rule of fashion & more

    Advance Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology (4 semesters)

    • The teachings that are included in this course are:

    • Advance technology of pattern making and garment making

    • Textile chemistry & more, including the teachings of the previous course

    Masters in Fashion Design and Technology (4 semesters)

    • The teachings that are included in this 2 years’ course are as follows:

    • Conception on basic graphics/

    • Knowledge of market surveying and more

    • Traditional textiles of India

    • Chemical and Physical properties of fiber

    • Color, Texture and more

    Advance Diploma in Textile Design and Technology (2 semesters)
    This 2-year course will provide complete knowledge about
    Preface of wet process and more, including the teachings of the previous course.

    The courses include latest conveniences like field trips, practical workshops, and chance to take part in fashion shows that help to develop a student in every aspect that can be helpful for his/her career. Each of the courses from the institute is designed such a way that you can be sure to get complete knowledge as well as your self-confidence before getting into the profession and it is why that INDS has proved itself to be one of the best institutes in Mumbai.