Education has various categories. If you can’t do well in technical and social studies, you could try creative courses. One of the many creative courses you can do is the fashion designing course. If you love working with needles, threads, and fabrics, you could study to become a professional clothing and textile designer. Even if you don’t sew at all, there could be untapped potential in you. The best way to discover your designing talent is to join our INSD Mumbai Institute.

Our college is a big college that offers other creative design courses too. One thing we can assure you is that you will never get bored of learning. This course has both practical and theory lessons. So there will always be work to do with your hands and brain. By the time you are done, you will have designed items of clothing that you only see in high-end tailoring shops or boutiques. We will mold you into a true seamstress who sews cultural clothes and designer items. Our school could help you lay a firm foundation for your designing career. Here are more reasons why you truly need us.

We train you to become a successful professional

A few of the people who study this course end up becoming renowned professionals. Their designs impress the rich and the famous and that’s how they also become icons. If you are a dreamer and a go-getter, you should consider joining the Indian fashion industry. And the easiest way to do this is to sharpen your skills via our courses. We have different programs: certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, degree, and masters. You have to start somewhere and this will be determined by our entry points for each program.

We will give you a wide range of skills

To become a likable fashioning expert, you will need the following skills. We will give them to you via any of our comprehensive training programs. A few of the skills we impart include:

  • Creativity – Creating a wearable garment from scratch is not a joke. You need to be artistic to turn textiles into lovely clothes and accessories.

  • Detailing – Sewing clothes from patterns you have sketched is not all. The final item of clothing needs some detailing to stand out on the market.

  • Colors and textures- Knowing which fabric could produce a given dress pattern in the best way is a special skill you will learn from us. This is all about learning to differentiate and work with colors and textures of an assortment of fabrics.

Our school promotes creativity and good communication

INSD is not a school that follows the same bureaucratic and boring teaching approaches. We embrace modern technology and use it to broaden our student’s thoughts and visions. Every course follows a creative approach that also encourages good communication. You need to be a fluent and coherent communicator to succeed in the competitive Indian industry. Creativity is necessary as you might land a job with one of the top international brands. India is attracting many of these brands nowadays, and they come to scout for business opportunities and qualified workers. To be picked as the best candidate for the job, you need to demonstrate your creativity and innovativeness. We can assist you to get started.