It is possible to become a fashion icon in India one day if you study now. We have several courses you can do, and all you have to do is to get in touch with us. Our Institute, INSD, is located in Mumbai. It has been running for 15 years now and has produced numerous graduates. Our school’s alumni are doing very well in their designing careers. If you want to become more than a seamstress, allow us to train you. When you enter the real world of designing clothes and making money, theory lessons will offer you very little help.

That’s why we provide both theory and practical classes. This shapes our student into a designer who can alter their raw materials into wearable clothes and accessories. Our knowledgeable and creative teachers value creativity more than anything. That’s because they realize how much it would help their students after school. The following is how we achieve this.

We offer a variety of programs

The grade you got in your secondary school education determines the type of classes you can take in our college or any other. To make sure that we enroll everyone, INSD provides different fashion design programs.

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs – You can enroll for a B. Design that takes four years. Alternatively, you could choose to do a Bachelors degree program that takes three years.

  • Diploma in Fashion design and Technology – This lasts for the duration of one year.

  • Advance Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology – This course’s duration is two years, which are broken down into four semesters.

  • Masters in Fashion Design and Technology – This program ends after two years with two semesters each. It is a powerful and advanced program.

  • Diploma in Textile Design and Technology – The program of study ends in one year’s time and has two semesters.

  • Advanced Diploma in Textile Design and Technology – This is a two-year program with two semesters in each year.

  • Short Term Certificate Course in Fashion Design – This is the quickest class we have. You will learn quite a lot about the foundations of sewing and drafting. It ends after six months.

Numerous trained teachers

Teachers play a major role in helping a student succeed in his or her studies. As we want each of our students to do well in life after school, we recruit only competent and trained teachers. They have comprehensive knowledge of all areas of textile designs and technology. In addition, all our teachers are committed to their jobs. They prepare the curriculum early and update it often to reflect new tips from the icons in the local and international industry. Furthermore, our tutors provide one-on-one coaching. This allows the slow learners catch up with the rest of the class members.

Our training is complete

Starting from the certificate course to the master’s program, our teaching style is complete. We create a detailed syllabus per class to ensure that all our students gain a lot from our training. Every student could start their own tailoring business or get a job after school. Hence, all our classes shape you into a real professional. If you aren’t satisfied with a certificate qualification, you can do a diploma, higher diploma or degree. We are never short of opportunities to give you.