The International School of Design (INSD) is an esteemed university devoted to the teaching of Fashion Design and Technology. It is a highly reputed and a top design institute that was established 15 years ago. International School of Design, Mumbai Centre is a part of INSD Delhi. It is situated in the West at Mulund. It is an elite institute that provides fashion designer courses in Mumbai.

Fashion in India has made a mark in the fashion world and it is rich and varied. Since the 90’s, the fashion industry has propelled and the Indian fashion industry experienced a boom in both trends and volumes. Many world class designers have emerged from India. There is a high demand for Indian designers and Indian fashion from all around the world. Mumbai is the hub of fashion where many top designers are based. It is said that all dreams come true in Mumbai. It is also the financial capital of the country that turns many business dreams into success. It is the heart of Bollywood and the latest fashion and trends emerge from Mumbai. INSD being situated in Mumbai creates the perfect atmosphere for students to work in the field of fashion designing and make their dreams come true. INSD aims to build their students’ careers and make them professionals by providing high quality education, real life experiences in the world of Fashion Designing, Textiles and Interior designing.

INSD offers a variety of courses starting from Bachelors in Fashion Design to Masters Programs. It also offers short term certification courses in many specialized fields. The world of fashion is vast and there is cut throat competition. The excellent faculty here at INSD prepares the students to face any challenges that they come across. Being a top design institute, INSD prepares the students not only by encouraging and enhancing their creativity, but also impart the technical knowledge and aspects required. The curriculum has been designed by experts from the fashion industry. The trained professionals at INSD, train the young fashion aspirants in such a way that they are ready to step into the glamorous fashion world and are on the right track. INSD, as is evident, provides some of the best fashion designer courses in Mumbai. Along with that, its training courses and internships provide the students with much needed exposure to the real world of fashion. That will broaden their vision, helps them gain experience by learning from the experts. Many opportunities are lined down for the students to grab and start working on. Fashion Design, Textile and Interiors are not the most popular and widely chosen careers but it is definitely a unique career and a highly creative one. INSD is one the best places in Mumbai to start your fashion career with.

INSD provides a beautiful and stimulating environment and the classrooms are designed in a way that nurtures the creativity of the students and brings out the best in them.

Choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions in one’s career. Here at INSD, we provide the high-grade knowledge and skills required to be proficient and skillful in the respective field.