With the beginning of the new year and three months have gone by of the year 2019, styles have changed drastically. When it comes to interior designing, every season there is something or the other new trend coming up in the market. The interior decorators are constantly scratching their heads to come up with a refresher every season.

If you are looking to renovate your house and give it a completely new look, we bring to you certain interior designing trends for 2019. With some help from the best interior designers in Mumbai, you can curate some of the outstanding looks for your house.

  • Minimalist look: The season has got in the trend of minimalism. Last year, a minimalist look came in but was not talked about a lot. In 2019, minimalism became a fad and people have actually started pondering over the fact that less is good. This way, you won’t be cluttering your house with pieces of furniture or decorations that you don’t need
  • Welcoming biophilia: The new interior decoration trends involve wooden flooring setups and buying indoor plants and outdoor plants. In fact, the cane furniture, which was the thing of the past is being used by people these days. Huge windows and big balcony areas, with a wooden coffee table and a bookshelf, is a style these days.
  • Using patterns: We have started using symmetrical shapes and other graphics, to inject in some funk in our decor. In fact, we are more inclined towards semi-circle styles. This revolution is known as the Memphis movement. Here, we are using primary colors to accentuate our house walls. Plus, the furniture that is being used, does not have much of a height.
  • Simple color tones: People have started using subtle tones to paint the walls of their rooms. The touch of color is simple yet classy such as the use of bronze, white or pastel pink colors. These are more feminine shades. Plus, the bed sheets and the blankets that are being used are of white or off white colors.
  • Playing with floral patterns: Since the spring equinox is setting in, we have started painting our walls with trails of flowers and leaves. A simple floral pattern can bring in some fun in the interiors of the rooms and living area.
  • Vintage feel: The interiors of the Ancient era are taking over the market. People are firm on giving a complete vintage look to the house. For this purpose, you can get in some big picture frames with metallic colored bars and use some vintage car miniatures.

In a nutshell, the new trends of 2019, will help you out in walking ahead in the interior designing industry. So, frame out a perfect plan of renovation and pick out a theme that you love the most. Leash out the creativity and you can even take up an interior designer course in Mumbai, if you love doing up interiors. Break the monotonous house outlook and jazz it up again. You can even consult some freshers from the best interior designer institutes in Mumbai,  who will give you an extremely creative input.