Decorating your home according to your own imagination combined with magazine provided inspiration does not make you a professional interior designer. If you feel passionate about combining different textures, colors and styles, you must know that finding the perfect balance between these elements is a combination of art and science. And like any other science, it deserves and requires to be properly studied. The International School of Design offers its students the opportunity to follow their dreams and become part of the best professionals in this line of work.

The International School of Design is one of the best Interior Designer Institutes in Mumbai. This institute brings the students interesting and fascinating classes constructed on interactive sessions. All classes here are held by teachers that encourage creative thinking and innovative ideas. The study subjects that are studied here include elements and principles of design, history, theory and philosophy of interior design. Students can opt for the one year program, during which they study different technical and graphic techniques and learn about the design process. After graduating, students can continue to study one more year and obtain the Advanced Course Diploma. The school also offers the three year bachelor degree in interior design. The graduates of this program can apply the design principles they learned on decorating not only houses, but shops, restaurants, offices, hotels and any other public or private place of entertainment.

The demand for professional interior designers continue to rise in India as well as all over the world. The first step to take when entering this business is to enroll in one of best Interior Designer Institutes In Mumbai. You should then decide if you want to work as a commercial interior designer and create special atmosphere for bars, hotels and other public establishments or as a residential interior designer and focus your creations on inspiring homes. At the International School of Design students get to learn from experienced lecturers that made a name for themselves in the industry. That allows students to build an important contact network in the field, even before graduation. With a dynamic curriculum focused on developing the creative and the technical features of interior designing, students are encouraged to start their career through a special training platform. A team of professionals will guide your first steps into the business through high quality training and an internship in one of the famous companies in this domain. One can choose between the following four degrees: Bachelor degree in interior design, Diploma interior design, Advanced diploma interior design and Certificate course in interior design. These qualifications offer you many career opportunities in this business. Based on your studies, skills, experience and creativity you can become a Commercial Interior Designer, Residential Interior Design Designer, Institutional Design Designer, Exhibition Designer, Furniture Designer, Design Consultant, Lighting Designer or CAD designers.

The main lesson that the students learn at the Interior Designer Institutes In Mumbai is that education does not begin and end in the classroom, but through the continuous blend of experiences one has all throughout his or her life. Through the numerous field visits, students, therefore, understand that the key to being a successful interior designer is constant learning. The world is an endless source of inspiration for those who know where to look. Cone join the experts of the institutes to confidently take your first steps in the fashion career you always wanted!