Amidst the rapid globalisation that is taking place, fashion is almost like a lens that gives a clear idea about a place’s culture. We belong to a country that is known for its ancient clothing tradition, but is also an emerging field in the present. With every passing era, there is a new trend that emerges in India. The industry that has been rising by leaps and bounds has seen an economic growth in the past years that has also had a major impact on the fashion trends.

The word “fashion” itself is enough to bring images of glamour into our minds. This young emerging field has attracted many young and enthusiastic people into the field. From legends such as Ritu Kumar to emerging talents such as Kanika Goyal to Bollywood’s favourite designers such as Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the Indian fashion industry has a bright future ahead. Apart from these popular names, there are hundreds and thousands of Indian fashion designers who are slowly expanding their wings into the international markets. “India’s romance with fashion is never ending”- this sentence fits aptly into the Indian context because Indians have always loved and fascinated fashion.

Whether it is the versatile saree or the comfortable salwar kameez or the fusion of kurta and jeans, the fashion statement in India is ever-changing. While some clothes might be considered to be timeless, the others will keep evolving. Below are a few reasons why one should seriously think about considering a career in fashion designing:

1. You get to travel!
If travelling different places and meeting new people excite you, then you are destined to do this. Fashion designing is one such field where you will get innumerable opportunities to travel around the world. Take the chance and take up internships and different jobs that will land in you in another city!

2. Don’t follow the sheep:
If you are someone who wants to stand out from the crowd and want to make heads turn, then fashion designing is THE course for you. This industry will offer various opportunities to build on one’s passion and talent and move away from the boring old career.

3. Have Fun while you work:
Unlike the other fields, fashion is a creative path that cannot be done from the brain but the heart. If fashion is genuinely your dream career, the many hardships will become unimportant. What will matter the most is you have the passion for it. And if you do, then you will completely indulge in it and have fun.

4. Be Your Own Boss:
If you hate being told what to do, then become your own boss. Fashion designing gives you the freedom to start your own business. Although it is still difficult to deal with angry clients to taking care of the smallest of the small things like changing the bulb, if this is what you want to do, then you will surely have a good time.

5. Formal Training:
While it is possible to start without any foundation, it is safer and much better to start with it. Fashion designer courses in Mumbai, will help one get an idea and understand the industry better which is a plus point if you want to work with the Indian Film Industry closely in the future.

INSD, one of the best fashion designing institutes in Mumbai, provides courses that are designed in a very efficient way to provide the students with the latest design skills that is required in today’s fashion world. The INSD fashion designing courses in Mumbai place special emphasis on innovation and enterprise with solid understanding of the fundamentals of design. The staff here is highly qualified and well-trained in the subject and the curriculum is prepared and updated on a regular basis by fashion experts according to the changing trends around the globe. The courses offered here are:

  • Comprehensive Professional Three Year Course in Fashion Design,
  • Postgraduate Diploma Course in Fashion Designing,
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing and an Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing.

There are also various short term certificate courses that focus on various aspects of fashion designing that cater to different individual needs.

The industry offers an abundance of opportunities and if you want to make a difference or be the next Sabyasachi of India or make clothes for the Hindi film stars, then here is your chance.