Innovation is always on the run and so is technology. We already know the big part that technology plays in creating our designs through various softwares and tools. Not only does it allow more room for experimentation but also gives an opportunity to explore the various dimensions of design.

Not only in design aspects, but technology plays an important part in the consumer’s life as well, especially now that they can search the things that they like with just a click of their fingers. There is no better way to connect the designer with the consumer sitting in different corners of the world.

INSD Mumbai, a fashion designing school in Mumbai, shares with you a few things that you need to be on a look out for, to see how fashion industry may be governed by technology in the upcoming years.

1. Something similar is always available
There are many instances when you like a certain piece of clothing but it is either not available in your size or is out of stock. Upcoming technological advances supporting visual searched would use parameters such as colour, shape and size to help you get your hands on similar merchandise. This will not only make it easier for consumers to always have with them the latest fashion pieces but would also help various fashion brands achieve a proper return on their investments.

2. The product will always fit
There are cases, especially for online fashion store, where in the consumer faces slight issues with the fittings and returning the product becomes a task which no one really wants to complete. Online tools integrated with augmented reality can make it easier to enable virtual trial rooms, additionally having software which can compare sizes of various clothes across different brands is sure to make the online shopping experience an even bigger delight.

3. Not a personal shopping assistant but a digital stylist
Technology can make it easier for you to have a virtual fashion assistant who would not only help you monitor your closet but also keep you up track with the upcoming fashion trends and where you could find them. Additionally, these digital stylists would also help you put together perfect dresses for each and every occasion.

4. Wear the technology
With smart watches paving the way for wearable technology, it can be anticipated that various fashion accessories may also act as smart devices. One can expect these devices to track certain data based on a person’s location, body motion etc. and take smart decisions based on the data collected. A research involving the design the smart fabrics is on, but it will take a couple of years before it is being used across the globe.

These are just some of the things that one can expect with constant advancement of technology and fashion. While such progress is being made, the most important element of design remains the same, which is the art of expressing your thoughts through fashion. And for anyone to be able to set their first steady steps in the industry, it is important to have professional guidance and knowledge which can be achieved on by pursuing a fashion designing course in Mumbai.