If you are planning to delve into the domain of interior design, you should look for an institute that provides state-of-the-art training in the domain. One such renowned name among interior design institutes is International School of Design (INSD), Mumbai.

INSD offers various courses such as bachelor program, diploma in interior design, advanced diploma in interior design, masters in interior design, and a short-term certificate program. The prime focus of all these interior design courses offered by the institute is to groom the students in a manner so that they can apply their learned skills and knowledge in elucidating and developing projects ranging in different types of spaces be it residential or commercial. The courses provide an insight into the technicalities, aspects that need to be considered and resolved in constructing spaces, and methodologies that need to be applied to transform a proposed concept into an appropriate representation. INSD follows a creative, innovative, and intuitive approach backed with the latest trends and methodologies.

Supported by excellent infrastructure and guided by the mastery and excellence of experienced faculty, the courses offered by INSD don’t leave a single stone unturned. Every aspect of design and architecture is critically examined and effectively translated to the students to make them familiar with the finer points of the domain. The learning of the intellectual studies is combined with industrial visits as well as field trips to provide hands-on experience to the students. This just not makes the curriculum interesting but also provides the students a better understanding of the domain.

Interior designing is an overgrowing industry that enables passionate professionals to combine their creative skills with the ingenious acumen to define spaces that are lively, energizing, and serviceable. With the anticipated growth of the industry, more and more aspirants are taking up the interior design as a career option. But with numerous institutes offering interior design courses, the choice to select one is not easy and straightforward. The aim of interior design institutes is to sharpen up the skills required to excel in the industry. NISD is one such name among the interior design institutes in Mumbai that focuses on providing a holistic education to the students to make them familiar with all the nitty-gritty of the domain of interior designing industry. The courses offered by the institute cater to all the requirements of the students as a budding professional, thereby creating a pathway to ensure a successful career in the future. The available career options for interior designers are also endless. They can practice their careers in areas of specialization such as residential design, commercial design, designing office spaces, public dealing spaces such as shopping malls and restaurants, or designing hotels and hospitals. Since every space requires a different element of aesthetics, each of them requires a different focus on design and architecture, thereby providing the designers an endless opportunity to experiment and explore. The courses offered by INSD are designed specifically to target all the technical and creative aspects of the industry to enable students to choose their area of interest.

So if you have interior designing in mind, turn to INSD, Mumbai to get competent, skilled, and holistic knowledge of the domain and shape your careers with the best in the industry.