Such are the inspiring words by the famous French designer, Coco Chanel, the founder of the Chanel brand, had rightfully said that fashion isn’t something which is only in dresses, but it is in the sky and in the streets; fashion is the way one lives and fashion has everything to do with ideas. These words clearly signify the importance of art and fashion in our life because, in the end, beauty is what we all strive for – be it in the clothes that we were, the homes that we decorate or even the food that we eat. However, making this art your profession is only an uphill battle. Anyone can design but ultimately, the work that is appreciated is that which is impeccable in every aspect. And to reach this level, it requires hard work, determination and passion and so, if you identify yourself with these qualities, then congratulations, you have won half the battle!

The next step would be to develop your skills and improve your assets. This can only be achieved if you select the most renowned institution for your studies. There are several fashion designing institutes in India, especially in Mumbai, since it is considered as the fashion destination in India. These institutes provide a powerful foundational course along with an integrated program. This combined with practical workshops, seminars, field trips, and active participation in fashion events and shows makes for an absolute development of an individual and provides them enough opportunities to evolve under the mentorship of the pillars of the industry. 

One of such top fashion design institutes in Mumbai is the International School of Design (INSD), Mulund. It is a part of INSD, Delhi and has been fashioning young and talented designers for at least a period of 15 years. This institute offers various courses in fashion designing depending upon the duration of its courses. It offers a comprehensive Bachelor program in Designing for 3-4 years, a Master’s program of two years. It even provides several short-term courses like a diploma course or a certificate course for candidates pursuing fashion as a hobby. Thus, if you want to reach closer to your dreams and take the next step and join a fashion designing institute in Mumbai, INSD is the destination for you.