New trends are constantly emerging in the fashion industry, but the real question is how long these trends stay for and the impact they have on everyone. Recently, sustainability trends are taking the fashion industry by a storm, and are slowly shaping what the upcoming years in the fashion industry can look like. Now we are in front of the start of a new era in which sustainability has everything to win the game. What some are calling a temporary trend or a mere marketing campaign of companies to gain followers or get rid of environmentalists, is actually a necessity.

The contemporary fashion has been growing itself in way where it portraits itself as the perfect blend of just in trend style and the ever in style- simplicity and successfully and noticeably it flaunts in elegance.

Fast fashion is leading to mountains of post-consumer waste being produced. In turn this leads to problems such as the rapid increase in damaging plastic microfibres from polyester fabrics and artificial suede making their way into ocean ecosystems.

Certain activities lead to harmful levels of pollution, caused directly by the hazardous ingredients needed for dyeing and tanning escaping into the local environment.

The good news is that there are some exciting consumer trends, new technologies and innovative business models, which are helping to lead the future of fashion down a more sustainable runway.

Today, when we talk about social responsibility and the fashion industry, we almost automatically think of sustainability. We understand too well fashion’s dire impact on the world’s resources and the urgent need to change the way we make and use our clothes. We At INSD, educating designers for a sustainable industry, that how new technology, globalisation and sustainability concerns are shaping the education of a new breed of ethical designers.Get in touch with the industry experts at INSD, the fashion design institute in Mumbai, today.