Many careers of interior designers begin as a hobby. If you are creative and you love improving the appearance of residential and commercial properties, you should consider turning your hobby into a career in interior design. Interior design is a unique discipline, which involves spatial awareness, architectural knowledge, good business practice and problem solving skills.

As an interior designer, you may choose to focus on one area or branch out and work as a consultant or work for a studio. In order to pursue a career ininterior designing, you only have to look for a reputable institute that offers interior design courses in Mumbai.

If you take interior design courses, you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this industry. You will learn about the interior design industry and be able to carve up a career for yourself. You will also work along with other students with similar goals. This will give you great networking opportunities that will be helpful when you become a professional interior designer.

Interior design courses can give you greater awareness about design and the skills to develop your individual style. When taking an interior design course in Mumbai, you can explore color theory, decoration, construction drawings, problem solving design and presentation approaches.

As you take an interior design course in Mumbai, you will also get feedback from tutors. This will help you improve confidence and discover your weaknesses and strengths as a designer. If you feel that you do not have time to study, remember that most interior design institutes offer part time and online classes. These courses are ideal for people who want to study while working.

A diploma or degree in interior design can open many doors. One of the reputed institutes that offer interior design courses in Mumbai is the International School of Design (INSD). This institute imparts high quality education. At INSD, we prioritize on training students to become experts in the interior design industry.

Our classes have interactive sessions that allow students to engage in creative thinking and share innovative ideas. We also provide field visits to expose students to the outside world. This prepares them to become professional interior designers.

Our curriculum is dynamic and it taps both the technical and creative aspect of interior designing. We can help you become a successful interior designer because our courses are industry oriented. After joining INSD, you may choose to take a certificate course in interior design. You can also choose to obtain a bachelors degree, diploma or advanced diploma in interior design. You will be taught by practicing designers. Some of the content in degree courses includes visual culture and theory, building technology, architectural and analytical drawing, business practice management, visual merchandising and lighting design among others.

All the courses we offer are UGC recognized. Our members of staff are well trained and competent. We also assure the students who graduate that they will get an internship in reputed companies. The career opportunities that you can pursue after graduating include residential interior design, commercial interior design, institutional design, exhibition designer, CAD designer and lighting designer among others. After you graduate, you should consider joining a professional organization so that you can meet and network with other interior designers.